Life's Lists Story

I created Life's Lists in 2014 when I was on maternity leave with my first born. I had spent 10 years working as Professional Organizer/Owner of Livable Solutions Professional Organizing based in Connecticut.

I love helping people create systems in their life to get organized! For years I had been creating the same systems in each home or office I worked. The hands on experience I receive working as a professional organizer has inspired all of the organizational products I created for Life's Lists. I make my systems as universal as possible for the average person's organizing needs in their home or office. The listings started with a few templates but have blossomed into full organizing systems. I use the Instant Filing System in every home I organize paperwork. It was the first product to really put Life's Lists on the map.

During the pandemic in 2020 I was able to really ramp up many of the ideas I had for new products with more time at home. The Complete Life Binder was born, and is my favorite product for its utility. It also gave me great to finally put it out in the world as a simple way to organize important household and financial information.

The pandemic of 2020 also inspired many new printable kids organization and pretend play activities. I was home with my two kids, home schooling and working my professional organizing business remotely. Printable activities were an inexpensive way to keep them occupied and busy. The Let's Play Post Office printable was an idea the kids and I came up with to have an activity to do with our neighborhood so they could communicate with each their friends when we were isolating. We also spent a lot of time reorganizing the toys in our house, which is how the Playroom Label System and Building Bricks System were created.

Often, my own real life organizational, time management and parenting challenges are my greatest inspiration for product ideas. I love the creative outlet it provides and hearing the reviews of people who have found as much joy in using the products.

I never run out of creativity and inspiration…but as a busy mom running a business I do run out of time. Keep checking back for new product listings. There are a lot more to come!

Happy organizing,


More about Kristin:

Kristin founded Livable Solutions professional organizing company in 2003. She spent five years working on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. and decided that her true talents were found in helping people organize their lives as a professional organizer. In 2005 she brought her company back to her hometown of Guilford, CT. Over the years she has performed various duties for her clients including: massive household purging, creating home filing systems, restructuring closets to make them more efficient, setting up spaces for home businesses, staging yard sales, selling unwanted objects online, purchasing custom products for clients, and hauling unwanted objects to donation sites. She also performs bookkeeping, creates customized paper management systems, and provides business consulting services to small businesses. She made a hobby into a career and loves to help others organize their time, homes and offices. She also teaches other basic organizing principles through lectures and seminars.

Kristin wrote a bi-weekly column called "Ask The Organizer," featured in the Shore Publishing newspapers for 7 years and owned The Organized Lifestyle Store from 2006-2011.

Kristin received her Bachelor of Arts Degree from Franklin and Marshall College. She has her Masters in Management (MSM) and her Masters of Business Administration (MBA) degree from Albertus Magnus College.

Kristin's latest and greatest job has been taking care of her two kids with her husband Chris, who owns Vandertech, a computer consulting business.

In her spare time Kristin loves to knit, paint, cook, organize for herself and sleep.

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