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Get everything you need to have a boredom free camping trip with this printable activity pack! Organizing the family for a camping trip can be daunting. The Life's Lists Let's Go Camping Activity Pack provides you with activities, checklists, games and more to keep your family organized and entertained. This item is a digital download.

The Let's Go Camping Activity Pack printable template has games, activities and more for kids and adults of all ages. Simply print the pages on regular paper or card stock. Use them with a clipboard in the car/RV. Or, create a binder with each page in a clear sheet protector so you can reuse the pages with a dry erase marker. My family uses binder pouches to store the markers, pens, pencils and dry erase markers at the front of the binder so everything is easy to reach.

This set features classic pen and paper games such as Hangman, Tic Tac Toe and some unique ones such as Sim, SOS and NIM.

There are also family card games can be printed on card stock. Cut each card out and punch a hole in the corner and use with a book ring to keep the cards together while playing in the car. These games feature over 50 About Us questions to lean more about each other. In addition there are over 50 Would You Rather cards to challenge each other's preferences. There are over 50 Camp Charades cards for family fun and 24 instructional cards for classic family games to play outside or by the campfire. Lastly, you will find a sheet of Story Starters to get your cambers weaving a fun tale together by the fire.

For the scavenger hunt enthusiast there are printable sheets to have a nature hunt. Simply attach to a lunch bag to gather your finds or check off what you found along the way.

Play BINGO with the whole group. Twenty different card layouts allow you to have enough cards for a large group or double up on the cards you play. There is a master sheet to print for images to call out and a sheet to make bingo markers.

The set also features some special pages. A travel journal provides a place to capture memories, draw your own photo, note funny quotes and destinations on the trip. A blank postcard allows you to print and create your own post cards on your trip.

Surprise tags are also included to keep kids guessing what will be next for the car trip or for your days at the campsite. Use these tags to label bags or boxes with treats, toys, snacks and more. Label when the kids are allowed to open them at different destinations during the trip.

There are checklists to get your family organized for the trip as well. Use them to pack efficiently, prepare arrival and departure checklists, brainstorm meals and create a menu and shopping list.

I hope these games will keep your family bonding and having fun on all their future adventures.

This item is a digital instant download. Nothing physical will be mailed to you. You will receive a PDF file delivered to your email with the following items:

1. Cover sheet (can be slipped in the front of a binder)
2. Game Instructions for 8 family games
3. Game Instructions for 8 family games
4. Game Instructions for 8 family games
5. Peanut Butter S'Mores Supply List/Instructions
6. Scavenger Hunt Cards/Instructions
7. Campfire Bingo Card Set 1
8. Campfire Bingo Card Set 2
9. Campfire Bingo Card Set 3
10. Campfire Bingo Card Set 4
11. Campfire Bingo Card Set 5
12. Campfire Bingo Card Set 6
13. Campfire Bingo Card Set 7
14. Campfire Bingo Card Set 8
15. Campfire Bingo Card Set 9
16. Campfire Bingo Card Set 10
17. Campfire Bingo Game Pieces
18. Campfire Bingo Markers
19. Tic Tac Toe
20. Dot Boxing
21. Hangman
22. Battleship
23. Connect Four
24. Sim Pen & Paper Game
25. SOS Pen & Paper Game
26. Categories Game
27. Nim Game
28. Camp Journal
29. Surprise Tags
30. Game Rings Supply List/Instruction Sheet
31. Camp Talk Game - Sheet 1
32. Camp Talk Game - Sheet 2
33. Camp Talk Game - Sheet 3
34. Camp Talk Game - Sheet 4
35. Camp Charades - Sheet 1
36. Camp Charades - Sheet 2
37. Camp Charades - Sheet 3
38. Camp Charades - Sheet 4
39. Camp Charades - Sheet 5
40. Would You Rather? - Sheet 1
41. Would You Rather? - Sheet 2
42. Would You Rather? - Sheet 3
43. Would You Rather? - Sheet 4
44. Would You Rather? - Sheet 5
45. Story Starters
46. Make a Post Card
47. Meal Planning Checklist
48. Packing List
49. Arrival Checklist
50. Departure Checklist
51. Menu Ideas
52. Binder Labels

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