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Creating a pretend grocery store has never been easier. We have created everything you need in this printable available for instant download. Construct your stand, create signage, decorate it, fill it with products and create a check out system to have the ultimate pretend play fun.

Our printable contains everything you need to create groceries with ten pages of canned food, meats, fish, bakery items, fruits and vegetables. We suggest making it a fun project by printing the items and gluing them to sheets of cardboard made of recycled cardboard boxes for a sturdier play piece.

Instructions on how to build a simple grocery stand will help inspire ideas. Print our decorations to bring it to the next level. Market your products with our printable signage and tags.

Create your own cash register with our credit card terminal, scanner, barcoded tags, credit cards, play money and coupons. Wear your badge as you check customers out.

This item is a digital instant download. Nothing physical will be mailed to you. You will receive a PDF file delivered to your email with the following items:

1. Cover sheet (can be slipped in the front of a binder)
2. Supply List/Instructions - Make Your Own Groceries
3. Products
4. Products
5. Products
6. Products
7. Products
8. Products
9. Products
10. Products
11. Products
12. Products
13. Price Tags
14. Checkout (credit cards, reward card, card reader and scanner)
15. Play Money
16. Coupons
17. Coupons
18. Receipts
19. Name Badge
20. Open/Closed Sign
21. Department Signs
22. Department Signs
23. Banner - G, R
24. Banner - O, C
25. Banner - E, R
26. Banner - I, E
27. Banner S, Blank
28. Supply List - Make Your Own Grocery Stand

Happy Organizing!

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