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The Complete Life & Home Decluttering Workbook is the go to guide for taking back control of your spaces, mind, body, paperwork and time with useful templates, tips sheets, and ready to use systems. I have been a Professional Organizer for over 20 years. I love creating simple systems for my clients that help them feel empowered and in control of their surroundings. When I started this project, I wanted to create a practical, universal system that helps the average person organize themselves. I want this workbook to remind you of the basics of organization. But more importantly, encourage you to address the emotional aspects of decluttering too. This workbook is not intended to help you achieve perfection, it is meant to guide you through creating successful organizing habits based on my years experience of what works.

You will start by preparing your mind to address clutter issues. Then you will create a plan, declutter your spaces, and clean the spaces. I will challenge you to dig deeper and focus on your mental and physical well-being and its relationship to mental clutter and overall health. Next you will organize your paperwork, manage your digital world and maximize your time. Bonuses include a yard sale planner and challenges to motivate you into action. You will end with tips on maintaining your progress and skills to prevent your clutter from growing out of control again.

The digital download will provide you with a printable workbook containing templates and instructions as well as with binder tabs. The document is 138 pages. Type and edit directly into the workbook on all the pages where checkboxes and text is required using a PDF viewer such as Adobe Reader (free to download online).

You will receive 2 printable PDFs (one editable and one regular PDF) of the following:

1. Cover Page
2. Table of Contents
3. Introduction
4. The Order Mindset Section Commentary & Instructions
5. Questionnaires
6. Goal Planning Templates
7. Weekly Goals Template
8. Future Home Projects Template
9. Vision Board Template
10. Rewards System Template
11. Plan Section Commentary & Instructions
12. Home Declutter Chart
13. Daily Tasks Template
14. Weekly Plan Template
15. Monthly Plan Template
16. Yearly Plan Template
17. Declutter Plan Template
18. Home Services Template
19. Home Declutter Section Commentary & Instructions
20. Organize Anything Instruction Chart
21. Supply List for Decluttering
22. Areas To Declutter Checklist
23. 50 Things to Throw Out Checklist
24. Donation Tracker Template
25. Donate Labels
26. Sell Labels
27. Repair Labels
28. Recycle Labels
29. Trash Labels
30. Keep Labels
31. Cleaning Section Commentary & Instructions
32. Cleaning Routines Chart
33. Housekeeping Log Template
34. Cleaning Schedule
35. Cleaning Supplies Checklist
36. Pantry & Fridge Inventory
37. Mind & Body Section Commentary & Instructions
38. Taking Care of You Chart
39. Daily Journal Template
40. Vitamin & Pill Tracker
41. Exercise Log
42. Food Log
43. Meal Planning Template
44. Relationship Inventory Template
45. Life Priorities Inventory
46. Bucket List Template
47. Mind/Body Inspiration Cards
48. Work/Office Section Commentary & Instructions
49. Office Declutter Chart
50. Paper Purge Guide
51. Home Filing Tabs
52. Tickler File Tabs
53. Digital Organizing Checklist
54. Bill Tracker Template
55. Expense Tracker Template
56. Task List Template
57. Password Log Template
58. Yard Sale Planner Section Commentary & Instructions
59. Plan A Yard Sale Chart
60. Yard Sale Checklist
61. Yard Sale Tips
62. Supply List for Yard Sale
63. Price Tags
64. Yard Sale Pricing Guide
65. Checkout Checklist
66. Checkout Signs
67. Category/Department Signs for Yard Sale
68. Yard Sale Directional Signs
69. Parking Signs
70. Editable Yard Sale Flyer
71. Challenges Section Commentary & Instructions
72. Challenge Yourself Chart
73. 50 Books to Declutter Checklist
74. 50 Magazines to Declutter Checklist
75. 100 Items to Declutter Checklist
76. 100 Clothing Items to Declutter Checklist
77. 30 Day Declutter Challenge
78. 30 Items to Remove Immediately Checklist
79. 30 Day Declutter Challenge
80. 300 Pieces of Paper to Declutter
81. Maintenance Section Commentary & Instructions
82. Maintain Order Chart
83. 5 Minute or Less Tidy Guide
84. How to Decide if its Clutter
85. How to Get Rid of Sentimental Clutter
86. About the Author

This item is a digital download only. No physical object will be sent to you. Upon purchase the item will be delivered directly to the e-mail inbox you have on file with Etsy.

The pages are US letter Sized, which can also be printed on to any paper size by adjusting the printer settings in Adobe Reader (which is free and quick to download) and choosing fit to page.
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