The Ultimate GoodNotes Life Planner


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This bundle of our Productivity Planner Pages will help you track your tasks and passwords, record your phone calls, and brainstorm decisions, projects, ideas and more. Based on my work as a Professional Organizer for over 10 years, I designed these lists to be easy to use, practical and a quick system to get you organized.


This pack includes a PDF of the following pages that you can download and use with any compatible PDF reader:

1. Task List: Track your daily tasks, people to call, errands to run, people to e-mail and things to buy all in one convenient list!

2. Project List: Outline your project ideas, action steps, set deadlines, list supplies and track your notes all in one page.

3. Decision List: Having trouble making a decision? Use this list to outline your pro's and con's as well as any other thoughts you need to note.

5. Idea List: Brainstorm your ideas on this useful template. Put together your thoughts, draw your ideas and outline your next steps all in one place.

6. Password List: Do you always forget your passwords? Use this list to track your passwords. Sections to list the website, username, password and any notes you need to remember, such as security questions.

7. Goal List: Do you like writing out your goals. Use this list to outline a specific goal, the action steps you will take, your deadlines for completing them and any other thoughts you may have.

8. 5-Star Goal List: This list helps you outline your top 5 goals for the day, for the month, year or life in general. Outline your general steps and your deadlines to keep on track.

10. 100 Bucket List: The 100 Bucket list is designed to track the 100 most important goals you have for your lifetime. Check boxes help you track the ones you have completed in this easy to use template.

12. Notes Pages: Everyone needs some blank pages for brainstorming and writing thoughts. Use these pages for journaling, listing, or doodling.


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