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This bundle of our Affordable Teacher Tools Half Size 8.5 x 5.5 Planner Pages/Printable Planner Pack will help you organize all of your classroom and offer kids enriching worksheets for years to come! It helps you track class birthdays, summer reading logs and organize student tasks and assignments. Based on my work as a Professional Organizer for over 10 years, I designed this lists to be easy to use, practical and a quick system to get you organized.


This pack includes an instantly downloadable PDF of the following templates to print over and over again:

1. Emergency Contact List: Our Contact Tracker is the perfect emergency contact handout for your classroom. Send this home with your students and keep it on hand so that you can quickly access in case of an emergency. Print as many copies as you need for years to come!

2. 100 Bucket List: This fun student activity can be enriching for staff and students alive. Have them set Learning Objectives at the beginning of every quarter, either for themselves or as a class. Post somewhere visible and use this to help them maintain accountability and drive.

3. 10 Bucket List: This bucket list can be used more frequently as there are only 10 prompts. Use weekly or monthly to help students stay on task.

4. 5 Star Goal List: This goal list is another great tool to help students maintain motivation and stay on task. Use this as a class planning activity and post somewhere visible so that students are reminded of their goals!

5. Class Birthdays Tracker: Track your entire class' birthdays with this handy print out! Buy today and print for years to come so you never have to restock! Stay ahead of the schedule with this convenient template.

6. Lined Note Paper: Everyone needs some blank pages for brainstorming and writing thoughts. Use these pages for journaling, listing, or doodling.

7. Summer Reading Log: This reading list can be used in classroom libraries or to track student reading. This would be a great worksheet to send home with students over the Summer or over long breaks in order to track reading progress.

8. Call List: Use this sheet to log calls home to parents. This can help as evidence if a student ever needs to be referred to administration!

9. Decision List: This pro's and con's list is a great tool for you AND your students. Use it as a learning tool to teach kids about consequences or use it yourself when making big choices.

10. Goal List: These goal lists are great for students to keep on hand for themselves. Allow them to set personal goals and be able to refer back to this sheet to help with accountability!

11. Health List: Send this sheet home with students and keep in a secure location in order to have student's health records on hand in case of an emergency.

12. Idea List: Pass this worksheet out to students when prepping for a big project. Or, use for yourself when lesson planning!

13. Music List: Do you play music during study period or quiet reading? Pass out this fun worksheet so students can tell you about music they like and you can incorporate it into the rotation!

14. Password List: Track classroom technology passwords with this convenient list. Post on the wall of your classroom or keep in a binder for easy access by students and teachers!

15. Project List: Plan out the year's projects and post somewhere visible so students can prepare for future assignments. Or, use it to help lesson planning!

16. Task List: Track your daily tasks, parents to call, supplies to buy, colleagues to e-mail and more all in one convenient list!

17. Television List: Use this fun worksheet as an ice breaker for students!


Buying our lists in a set saves you money. At .50 ยข per list you save a $1.00 per list. That is a $25 savings to buy in a bundle!

Use these with an Arc or Levenger system, a small binder, clipboard, bulletin board, Russell & Hazel binder, Filofax, Daytimer and more.

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