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Hi guys! Lauren here! I'm so happy to partner with Life's Lists and bring you this fantastic organizing tool! All binder details from Kristin are below 🫶🏻


I created this printable Life Binder System, working as a professional organizer for over 15 years. It is hard to remember important details to run a household, manage finances, and plan life. That's why I created these templates for my clients to access information quickly.

This binder contains 67 pages of printable and fillable templates and tabs to create your own Life Binder/Household Organizer to track important information and tasks. It can be printed on any size paper. Choose your paper size and be sure to check off "Fit to Printing Area" on your settings. You can use it in a full size binder or a planner.

There are two versions. One is fully fillable PDF, allowing you to digitally enter your information as opposed to physically writing your information, and one is a printable sheet with no fillable form graphics.

This system covers all the categories you will need to track important household information for quick reference. In addition, it helps you budget, plan meals and organize chores to keep everyone on the same page in your house. You will be able to quickly access vital information for insurance, financials and medical for each family member.

The system is color coded by the following listed subjects and printable corresponding tabs are included to easily find sections in your binder. All you need is a printer, binder and 8 Tab binder inserts to complete the set yourself.

You will receive 3 printable PDFs of the following:

1. Cover Page (to insert in cover sleeve of the binder)
2. Table of Contents
3. Vehicles Section Page
4. Vehicles List
5. Vehicle Maintenance Log
6. Mileage Log
7. Finances Section Page
8. Bank Accounts List
9. Credit Cards List
10. Credit Card Copies
11. Loans
12. Expense Tracker
13. Donation Tracker
14. Budget Tracker
15. Investments
16. Retirement Benefits
17. Bill Tracker
18. Debt Tracker
19. Insurance Section Page
20. Insurance Policies (1)
21. Insurance Policies (2)
22. Valuables Inventory
23. Vital Records Section Page
24. Personal Info
25. Drivers Licenses
26. Pass Port
27. Birth Certificate
28. Baptismal Certificate
29. Voter Registration
30. Marriage Certificate
31. Degrees & Diplomas
32. Properties Section Page
33. Real Estate
34. Home Improvements
35. House Paint Colors
36. Home Services
37. Future Home Projects
38. Estate Section Page
39. Wills
40. Death Certificate
41. Estate Organizer
42. Children Section Page
43. School Info
44. Lunchbox Planner
45. Sitter Notes
46. Clothing Sizes
47. Fingerprints
48. Chore Chart
49. Household Section Page
50. Safe Deposit Boxes
51. Security
52. Housekeeping Log
53. Pantry Inventory
54. Fridge Inventory
55. Freezer Inventory
56. Meal Planning
57. Cleaning Schedule
58. Medical
59. Medical Records Section Page
60. Supplements Tracker
61. Prescription Tracker
62. Medical Insurance Cards
63. Exercise Log
64. Food Log
65. Extras Section Page
66. Military
67. Pets
68. Set of Printable Tabs for Binder Dividers
69. Printing Guide

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