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We have made capturing your baby's memories even easier with this colorful 62 page DIY baby book. This digital file allows you to instantly print and create a baby book to document and journal those precious memories. Our baby journal features a colorful gender neutral theme that can be printed on any home printer. You can print only the pages you need to customize your journal/memory book.

Note your baby's birth story, parent memories, track gifts, share your family tree, capture milestones including baby firsts, first words, details about doctor visits, immunizations, teeth. In addition, track birthday photos and memories as well as monthly growth and milestones in our colorful photo page templates. Journal notes about celebrating baby's first vacation, holidays and their bedroom. Blank photo pages are also provided to print as fillers in between each month so you can journal those custom memories you create.

What you will get:

This product is a digital download.

No physical item will be sent to you.

You may print it at home or with a professional printer.

The download features 62 pages of colorful templates and prompts to help you capture your memories. These pages include the following:

1. Cover Page
2. "This Book Belongs" to Page
3. Baby Info Page (i.e. Birth Stats, Birth Story, Notable News, Names Considered and Visitors)
4. Mother & Father's First Memories Page
5. About Mom
6. About Dad
7. Gifts and Visitors Received
8. Our Family
9. Milestones Months 1-4
10. Milestones Months 5-8
11. Milestones Months 9-12
12. Baby's Firsts (Page 1)
13. Baby's Firsts (Page 2)
14. Word Log
15. Check Up Month 1
16. Check Up Month 2
17. Check Up Month 3
18. Check Up Month 4
19. Check Up Month 5
20. Check Up Month 6
21. Check Up Month 7
22. Check Up Month 8
23. Check Up Month 9
24. Check Up Month 10
25. Check Up Month 11
26. Check Up Month 12
27. Immunization Record (Page 1)
28. Immunization Record (Page 2)
29. First Birthday
30. Second Birthday
31. Third Birthday
32. Fourth Birthday
33. Fifth Birthday
34. My Hand Prints
35. My Foot Prints
36. My Hair
37. My First Bath
38. My First Vacation
39. My Bedroom
40. First Christmas
41. First Chanukah
42. First Easter
43. First Passover
44. First Thanksgiving
45. First Halloween
46. First Valentines Day
47. One Month Old Memory Page
48. Two Month Old Memory Page
49. Three Month Old Memory Page
50. Four Month Old Memory Page
51. Five Month Old Memory Page
52. Sixth Month Old Memory Page
53. Seven Month Old Memory Page
54. Eight Month Old Memory Page
55. Nine Month Old Memory Page
56. Ten Month Old Memory Page
57. Eleven Month Old Memory Page
58. Twelve Month Old Memory Page
59. Blue Blank Photo Page
60. Coral Blank Photo Page
61. Yellow Blank Photo Page
62. Seafoam Blank Photo Page

Binding and Assembly Options:

1. Loose leaf using plastic sleeves in a binder
2. Hole punch and store in a binder
3. Disc bound system
4. Coil bound book
5. Book bound

Be as creative as you want and customize the pages to fit your needs. I hope you enjoy this easy template and make beautiful memories for your child.

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