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This bundle of our Health & Lifestyle Half Size/A5 Planner Pages/Printable Planner Pack will help you track your food, exercise, sleep, goals, and overall health. In addition, it helps you plan healthy meals and keep your house stocked with healthy food. Based on my work as a Professional Organizer for over 10 years, I designed these lists to be easy to use, practical and a quick system to get you organized.


This pack includes an instantly downloadable PDF of the following templates to print over and over again:

1. Sleep List: Track your sleep patterns with this weekly sheet. Note when you went to bed and woke up. Track your dreams and any other observations about your sleep for the week.

2. Health List: Create a health goal, outline your action steps and track your stats such as your weight, height, body measurements and more. Keep notes on your progress and track any medicine or vitamins that you are taking. This list is great for personal use as well as for someone you are care-taking for.

3. Exercise List: Create an exercise goal with this template. List your workout activities/plan, any notes or observations and track your daily stats such as weight and body measurements.

4. Food Tracking List: This list will help you track the meals and snacks you eat each day. Note the details of the meal your observations, your fat and calorie intake as well as any other notes you may wish to jot down each day.

5. Grocery List: Use this list to keep track of food you need to pick up at the grocery store. Organized by sections of the grocery store it helps remind you of different categories of items you may need as well as providing a simple checklist to use while in the store. Post it on your fridge for the whole family to add to throughout the week.

6. Meal Planning List: Plan healthy eating for you and your family with our meal planning list. Use it as a weekly sheet to outline breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. A tear off shopping list is included to quickly jot ingredients you may need to complete your recipes.

7. Goal List: Do you like writing out your goals. Use this list to outline a specific goal, the action steps you will take, your deadlines for completing them and any other thoughts you may have.

8. 5-Star Goal List: This list helps you outline your top 5 goals for the day, for the month, year or life in general. Outline your general steps and your deadlines to keep on track.

9. 10 Bucket List: Do you have a short bucket list for a job, a project, or life? Use this template to create a checklist to track these goals.

10. 100 Bucket List: The 100 Bucket list is designed to track the 100 most important goals you have for your lifetime. Check boxes help you track the ones you have completed in this easy to use template.

11. Favorite Recipe List: Finding recipes you love and want to remember where to find them? Use our template to track the name of the recipe and its location on the web, in a book or in your house so you can easily refer to it for inspiration and to jog your memory.

12. Notes Pages: Everyone needs some blank pages for brainstorming and writing thoughts. Use these pages for journaling, listing, or doodling.

13. Recipe List: Use this template to write down and share your favorite recipes. There are sections for the source, prep and cooking times, ingredients, cook's notes and preparation outlines.

14. Pantry List: Do you frequently loose items in your pantry and buy multiples? Use this list to track what is in your pantry and how much you have in stock. Works great to help you quickly scan your inventory when you are planning meals for the week.

15. Refrigerator List: Is it hard to see into the back of your fridge? Use this list to track what is in your refrigerator. Works great to help you quickly scan your inventory when you are planning meals for the week.

16. Freezer List: Do you have frozen food you keep forgetting to use? This list will track what is in your freezer and how much you have in stock. Works great to help you quickly scan your inventory when you are planning meals for the week.


Buying our lists in a set saves you money. At .50 ยข per list you save a $1.00 per list. That is a $16 savings to buy in a bundle!

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