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This bundle of our Budget Planning Half Size 8.5 x 5.5 Planner Pages/Printable Planner Pack will help you track spending and finances. It helps you plan meals & expenses and save money by not over buying food, gas, or household supplies. Based on my work as a Professional Organizer for over 10 years, I designed this lists to be easy to use, practical and a quick system to get you organized.


This pack includes an instantly downloadable PDF of the following templates to print over and over again:

1. Monthly Budget List: This list will help you track your expenses each month. Template includes areas for income sources and common household/business expenses. There are also blank areas to add your own categories.

2. Bill Pay List: Use this easy template to write down your bills and check off when you pay them each month.

3. Daily Expense List: Want to see how much you spend in a day? Use our daily expense list to track purchases, categorize them and note how you paid them. Great personal or business use.

4. Auto Maintenance List: Keep this list in your car or in your planner to track spending on repairs and maintenance for your vehicle.

5. Reimbursed Expenses: Whether you are working for yourself or working on the road, keeping track of your expenses is easy with this list. You can track the date, item, purpose, amount and any notes you need to take. Also track if you submitted your receipts and got reimbursed to make sure you never lose money.

6. Mileage List: Need to track your mileage for work? Use this list to track the date, purpose, odometer readings and miles for your trips. Also use the notes section for any thoughts or observations you need to track.

7. Goal List: Do you like writing out your goals. Use this list to outline a specific goal, the action steps you will take, your deadlines for completing them and any other thoughts you may have.

8. 5-Star Goal List: This list helps you outline your top 5 goals for the day, for the month, year or life in general. Outline your general steps and your deadlines to keep on track.

9. Notes Pages: Everyone needs some blank pages for brainstorming and writing thoughts. Use these pages for journaling, listing, or doodling.

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