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These printable A5/Half-Size 2016 Planner Pages include a 4 goal lists, 8 task lists 6 project planning pages, daily, weekly and monthly planning sheets, notable dates and a bonus decision list and password tracking list. Our instantly downloadable pages are everything you need to compliment your planner for this year and help you stay focused and productive.

Each page was designed by Professional Organizer Kristin Vander Wiede who has brought her 10 plus years' experience organizing individuals, their paper and their tasks, to create these functional and stylish lists.


Our Set includes the following:

Cover Sheet: This sheet allows you to identify your planner's owner and where to return it if found.

These are five templates designed to help you track individual goals, weekly goals, yearly goals and lifetime goals.

Goal List: Use this list to plan and track an individual goal. Create your action steps and set a due date. Take notes along the way in the progress notes section.

5 Star Goal List: This list lets you prioritize five important goals, action steps and when you want to accomplish them by.

Yearly List: Our yearly goals list allows you to track events, milestones or goals you want to achieve throughout the year.

100 Bucket List: This template helps you outline and list your hundred most important goals in life. It features checkboxes to track when you have completed them.

Our task lists are designed to give you many options to track your daily, monthly, weekly or yearly tasks. We created sheets to compartmentalize specific areas of your life and specific types of tasks.

Work Task List: Track your specific work tasks on this template. It features an area with checkboxes to write your tasks, a section for notes, one for tracking people to call and another for e-mail reminders.

Home Task List: This task list helps you keep track of your home projects. You can track individual tasks and check them off as you accomplish them. There is also an area for call/e-mail tracking, notes and a list of projects.

Weekend Task List: The weekend list helps you outline your weekend warrior projects, goals for Saturday and Sunday, track your chores and make any other notes you want to remember for the weekend.

Task List: This generic task list can used to track a list of your choice, outline goals, take notes and create an additional checklist category all on one page.

Daily Task List: Our daily task list helps you sort out your tasks into the following categories: errands, people to e-mail, items to buy, people to call, meals to plan, track your water in-take and bills to pay.

Landscape To Do List: This wider, simply laid out sheet is for tracking your general tasks, people to contact and errands. In addition there is a section for notes and place to track the date the list was created.

Landscape Work List: This is a wider, simply laid out sheet to track your work to dos, calls and e-mails. In addition there is a section for notes and a place to track the date the list was created.

Landscape Weekly Checklist: If you like to see your tasks by day then this is the list for you. This wider template has a list for every day of the week with checkboxes to track your progress.

This set of pages are designed to help you with project planning, tracking and brainstorming.

Project List: Our project list helps you track and brainstorm and individual project. You can outline your action steps, create a deadline, note supplies and brainstorm any other notes you may need to track.

Project Tracker: This landscape tracker gives you a wider page to note your progress on 6 projects simultaneously. Simply write milestones in or below the boxes for the corresponding month. Shade in the box as your project is completed. Track the start and ending date of each project and when it is due.

Work Hours Log: Need to track the time you spend on a project or hours on a job? Use this work log to note the project or client, what activities you performed, when you started and stopped your work and how many hours you worked. This is great for keeping a time sheet for your employer or hours for self-employment.

Meeting Notes: We included the meeting notes page to help you take notes on projects/meetings and create a list of actionable items/tasks/to dos to follow-up on later.

Ideas List: This list helps you brainstorm your best ideas. Create a title for your idea and write out the steps you need to carry it through. There is a blank area for drawing or writing your creative brainstorms and a notes section.

Blank Notes: This page can be printed over and over again to give you blank lined paper that matches your planner pages.

These pages were designed to help you track your time and plan out your projects.

Daily List Calendar: A daily calendar is provided to allow you detail each hour of your day. Simply circle the month and the date of the day you are planning. Use the side bar to write down daily goals, priority tasks and create your own category to track.

Weekly Planner: This simple landscape template helps you map out the week ahead and create a priority list of tasks. There is also a section you can categorize or write up notes.

Monthly List: The monthly list was designed to help you decide your most important priorities, tasks and track important dates for the month. It could be used to plan out your individual schedule, a marketing plan for your business or a project plan.

Notable Dates: This list is one of our most popular individual lists. It can be used to track birthdays, anniversaries and other annual events you want to refer back to for a reminder.

We included the following bonus sheets to help you make quicker decisions and track important information in one place, like your passwords.

Decision List: This template is a great way to weigh the pros and cons of a particular problem to solve or decision you need to make. It also includes a notes section for further brainstorms or track what you finally decided and why. Refer back to it so you never second-guess your decisions again.

Password List: Our password list helps you track those important usernames, login questions and websites that you never seem to remember when you need them. This will help you work faster and be more efficient without spending time hunting for information on little bits of paper or resetting passwords online.

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This listing is for the download of 25 printable productivity pages. Upon payment, you will instantly receive a download link to the high resolution PDF files so that you can print off as many copies as you would like. Please note that this listing doesn't include a physical item.

SIZE: A5 / Half US Letter

The pages are A5 sized, which can also be printed onto US Letter paper and A5 paper by using the printer settings in Adobe Reader (which is free and quick to download).

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Love that I can download and use right away! I’ve printed a bunch of the pages for myself to use, and even for my kids! They are so useful.

I love all of the different pages :-) I wish it came in letter size. I'll just have to write smaller ;-) I love the simplicity :-) Thank you!

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