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We have made organizing your linen closet simple. We have created all labels for all the categories you need so you don't have to. Just print and start organizing your linen closet. We have compiled 63 categories plus extra blank label sheets. Our 2"x3" labels come in 4 different colors, Pink, Light Blue, Light Green, and Charcoal. Our tags come in Charcoal.

In addition to our labeling system you will get our organizing guide. It contains checklists, diagrams on how to best organize your shelves and tutorials on how to fold sheets and towels. Everything you will need to make your linen closet look perfect is in this visual guide.

The Linen Closet Organization System comes with the following items:

Rectangle Labels (Pink, Light Blue, Light Green and Charcoal) & Tags:

1. Bath towels
2. Hand towels
3. Wash cloths
4. Guest towels
5. Twin Sheets
6. Full Sheets
7. Queen Sheets
8. King Sheets
9. Toiletries
10. Cloth Napkins
11. Toilet paper
12. Pillows
13. Blankets
14. Comforters
15. Sleeping bag
16. Napkins
17. Table cloths
18. Runners
19. Place Mats
20. Pillowcases
21. Hair care
22. Feminine products
23. Make-Up
24. Tooth Care
25. Homeopathic
26. Medicine
27. Bandages
28. Vitamins
29. First Aid
30. Cold Care
31. Lotions
32. Cleaning Supplies
33. Child Medicine
34. Shaving Supplies
35. Travel Supplies
36. Soaps
37. Stomach medicine
38. Skin Care
39. Allergy Medicine
40. Fever/Pain Medicine
41. Beach Towels
42. Heating Pads
43. Nails
44. Vacuum Parts
45. Paper Towels
46. Sewing Supplies
47. Party Supplies
48. Light Bulbs
49. Batteries
50. Hardware
51. Laundry
52. Eye Care
53. Cotton Products
54. Pet Supplies
55. Candles
56. Sunscreen
57. Paper Goods
58. Utensils
59. Cleaning Cloths
60. Shoe Care
61. Duvet Covers
62. Prescriptions
63. Facial Care
….Plus sheets of blank labels

Linen Closet How To Guide

1. Cover Sheet
2. Steps to Organize Your Linens
3. Diagram for Linen Closet Layout
4. How to fold sheets
5. How To Fold Towels
6. First Aid Checklist
7. Cleaning Supplies Checklist

You will have all of the tools to get your linen closet under control. You linen closet will have a system and your family will know where to find what they need.

Happy Organizing!


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This was exactly what I needed to get my head outta the clouds and actually get started.

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