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I created this Instant Tickler System with pre-labeled printable filing tabs, working as a professional organizer for over 15 years, to help my clients take the thought out of where their paper should go. Simply print the tabs (white card stock suggested), insert them in hanging files and you are ready to start filing!

What is a tickler file? It is a set of folders, easily reachable, that you can access information quickly and file common papers away for reference or action. You can set up a tickler file anywhere that is easy to reach. In a file drawer, in a desktop file box, in a portable cardboard or plastic file box.

There are 5 different systems that can be used independently or as part of your filing system: Quick Portable File Tabs, Action & Productivity Tabs, A-Z tabs, Monthly Tabs and Daily tabs. Use this system with hanging files and 1/5 cut (2" x .5") clear hanging file tabs, available where most office supplies are sold.

This system is great if you want to manage daily papers and the tasks that result from them. I also included the Quick Portable File Tabs because I find them a great way to set up a fast file system for your most important documents. For a more detailed system for all home and business files check out our Life's Lists Instant File System: https://www.etsy.com/listing/261748440/printable-instant-filing-system-27-file

You will receive a printable PDF tabs of the following:

QUICK PORTABLE FILE TABS (11 tabs - 1 set color, 1 set black & white)
These tabs were created to coordinate with our Life's Lists Life Binder (releasing May 2020)
• Children
• Finances
• Taxes
• Vital Docs
• Vehicles
• Medical
• Properties
• Insurance
• Estate
• Household
• Travel

ACTION & PRODUCTIVITY TABS (12 tabs - 1 set color, 1 set black & white)
These tabs are subjects that can help you find a quick place for paper by the action needed or quick reach by subject.
• File
• Tasks
• Pending
• Contacts
• Events
• Read
• Meals
• Recipes
• Lists
• Receipts
• Coupons
• Bills

A-Z TABS (26 Tabs - 1 set color & 1 set black & white)
These tabs can be used for alphabetizing your paperwork.

MONTHLY TABS (12 - 1 set color & one set black & white)
Use these tabs to sort your bills, events and upcoming action items by month. Or use as a filing system to quickly file bills, invoices, receipts, financial statements etc. throughout the year.
• January
• February
• March
• April
• May
• June
• July
• August
• September
• October
• November
• December

DAILY TABS 1-31 (31 tabs - 1 set color & one set black & white)
Use these tabs with the monthly tabs to make a rotating system for upcoming deadlines, events and bills to pay.

I hope that you find this system easy to use and understand. I have used it for over 10 years in my professional organizing business and it covers what most homeowners will need to get started.

This listing is for the download of a printable PDF filing system containing 6 pages of tabs to cut and use with hanging file tabs.

The pages are US letter Sized, which can also be printed onto US Letter paper by using the printer settings in Adobe Reader (which is free and quick to download).

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