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We make organizing your playroom a snap because we have thought of every category you might need and created these easy to download labels. Simply print on the paper of your choice and start using them in your toy room, storage cabinets and closets.

Labels are 2.5" by 2.5". They can be used on bins, baskets, buckets or any item you can affix them too. In addition to the pre-made labels you will also get a sheet of blank labels in case you want to customize your own.

For ease of use we suggest printing on card stock or 8.5" x 11" full sheet label paper.

What you will get:

This product is a digital download.

No physical item will be sent to you.

You may print it at home or with a professional printer.

The download features 6 pages of 60 colorful labels and 12 blank labels.

This item includes the following 60 labels:

1. Magnetic Tiles
2. Wooden Blocks
3. Legos
4. Duplos
5. Kinetic Sand
6. Play Doh
7. STEM toys
8. Tools
9. Sand Toys
10. Balls
11. Puzzles
12. Instruments
13. Books
14. Games
15. Art Supplies
16. Crayons
17. Markers
18. Colored Pencils
19. Dolls
20. Doll Clothes
21. Doll House
22. Dress Up
23. Play Food
24. Play Dishes
25. Stuffed Animals
26. Video Games
27. Puppets
28. Dinosaurs
29. Lincoln Logs
30. Bugs
31. Flash Lights
32. Camp Gear
33. Trucks
34. Cars
35. Trains
36. Planes
37. Train Track
38. Beads
39. Horses
40. Barbie Dolls
41. American Girl
42. Play Make-Up
43. Bubbles
44. Chalk
45. Colored Paper
46. Lined Paper
47. Glue
48. Drawing Paper
49. Toy Weapons
50. Action Figures
51. Toy Soldiers
52. Doctor's Kit
53. Remote Toys
54. Rocks and Gems
55. Shells
56. Bath Toys
57. Donate
58. Baby Toys
59. Trading Cards
60. Sea Creatures

Plus 12 more blank labels that can be reused as much as you want.

We hope you enjoy organizing your play room. Your kids will love having their toys in order and you will love them being able to know where to put them away.

Happy organizing!


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Easy to print off and use for labeling

I love it and the clip art included!

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