Building Bricks Organization System


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Tired of dealing with your kids Building Bricks & LEGO's? Our three part printable system allows you to quickly get bricks sorted, organized and usable. Labels and binder pages will come in two PDF documents in your email when you order.

Step 1: Sort & Label
Label your bins, baskets or drawers with our 23 building brick themed labels. We made the categories so you don't have to. These labels include:

1. Blue
2. Base Plates
3. Mini Figures
4. Yellow
5. Green
6. Pink
7. Red
8. White
9. Black
10. Gray
11. Brown
12. Purple
13. Clear
14. Wheels
15. Windows/Doors
16. Tan
17. Accessories
18. Orange
19. Tracks
20. Foliage
21. Technic
22. Tools
23. Duplos
24. Road Plates

…Plus 4 blank labels

Step 2: Organize Your Manuals
Put all the building brick manuals you have collected into our binder system. Print our cover sheet and spine template to turn any 2"-3" binder into a manual holder. Use our Table of Contents and color coded page dividers to create your sections and label with your manual names. Insert your manuals behind each section in clear top loading sheet protectors and your reference system is complete.

What you will get:
1. Cover Sheet
2. Spine Strip
3. Table of Contents with numbered sections
4. Second Sheet for Table of Contents without title and numbered sections
5. Blank Table of Contents sheet
6. Dividers

Step 3: Label those special kits
Use these labels to identify the kit number, name of the kit and how many pieces. Labels measure 2" x 3". These can be used with clear baggies, on a box, on a plastic container, hole punched with a string on a basket. We recommend printing on card stock for a sturdier label.

What you will get:
1. Sheet of 9 labels B&W theme
2. Sheet of 9 labels multi-colored theme

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Cute lego bin labels that are easy for kids to follow

My only complaint is some of the colors are a bit off, like the tan looks more yellow ish. It doesn’t seem to be my printer either as other stuff I printed is fine!

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